Thuro Metal Products Celebrates 50-Year Milestone

Thuro Metal Products recently passed the 50-year milestone of continuous, family owned operation. Albert and Carolyn Thuro originally founded Thuro Machine Tool Work in 1965. In 1971 after reorganization, Thuro Metal Products was incorporated on Long Island in New York. During the last 50-years production machining has always our core competency. Over the years we tried our hand in importing machine tools, building Hydrostatic bar feeds as well as also owning and operating a facility in Texas. Looking to the future we are committed to growing locally. Our location provides us with access to a diverse work force as well as a local and diverse vendor base.

In the 1970s and 80s we grew rapidly making hydraulic tube fittings for Defense applications. Thuro diversified after the Berlin Wall fell into the production of Automotive and Industrial components. We seem to be a company that is unafraid to try something new. However, “our passion has always best aligned with our pocketbook in the field of Bar Automatic machining,” states David Thuro.

The 2000s brought an increased focus again on Defense and Aerospace. This market often requires special processes as well as the opportunity for value added assembly work. The growth and nurturing of dedicated staff, equipment and facilities to support Mechanical Assembly is where we have recently invested. In the past 12 months we have created a new assembly department and have tripled the size of our assembly team.

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