One-Stop Shopping for Manufacturing and Assembly of a Tie-Down Assembly Image Davis Aircraft Products (DAC)–a leader in safety and cargo restraint products for the aerospace and transportation industries—occasionally partners with local shops to supplement in-house manufacturing capabilities. In this instance, Davis approached their supply base with the opportunity to partner in the production of the clamp assembly pictured here. The prior prime contractor and supplier had used forgings in their production process for the main components. With advances in high speed machining, Thuro suggested making these high quality components from solid materials. What also made this project interesting and perfect for our production process was the availability of the ideal machines to produce each individual component, under one roof. Thuro needed to machine six custom component parts using three distinct types of machines. The main body—made of 6061-T6 aluminum–was CNC Milled in our Horizontal and Vertical Milling department. The main shaft and shaft handle were machined in our CNC Swiss Turning department. The hub contained cross-holes that needed to be manufactured efficiently, requiring a Turning/Milling Center.

Industry veteran Gary Hancock with over 40 years of experience said about Thuro, “I cannot think of a shop more adept in terms of having not only the breath of capability but also the depth of capacity.” To this end, Thuro is AS9100 and can handle the variety of materials and services needed for this project including heat-treated 4130 steel for the clamps and hardware required. Not to mention that the ultimate customer is Sikorsky so the importance of having the “t’s crossed and the “i’s” dotted on documentation cannot be understated. And Thuro handles it all.

In terms of expense, by machining instead of forging key components, Thuro did not need to charge significant upfront tooling cost. No significant “special tooling” also means production does not have to wait months for special tooling to be made so the impact on timeframe is significant. Doug Davis President of DAC stated, “Having a vendor such as Thuro who is equipped to make all the critical components under one roof, enabled us to stay under budget and deliver on-time to our customer.”