Automatic Multi-Spindle Screw Machining of a Fitting for the Agricultural Industry Image With more than 40 years of precision metal component machining experience, Thuro Metal Products has developed expertise in all facets of manufacturing for many industries, including industrial equipment. We manufactured the fitting highlighted here for an automated livestock feeding system using a multiple spindle automatic screw machine with tapping, thread rolling, part marking and pick-off for back-working operations.

Our skilled technicians understand how to maximize equipment capabilities to efficiently machine a small part using .812” hexagon type 303 stainless steel with overall part dimensions of 1.812 long x .812” hexagonal. We performed dimensional inspections at critical points in the manufacturing process, to ensure that we maintain ±.003” tolerances called for in the customer specification. This was followed by washing and packaging in preparation for final inspection before shipment to our customer’s Midwest facility.

By offering a complete manufacturing package, executed by an experienced labor force, state-of-the-art equipment and technical expertise, we are able to cost-effectively produce this fitting and respond to ever shortening lead times. We have the capability to deliver between 2,000 and 40,000 units monthly. Total annual demand for this item is 100,000 parts. We maintain 7,500 of these fittings in our safety stock so parts can be at our customer’s facility within three days standard freight. We maintain safety stock for the raw material so we can produce finished product at the rate of 10,000 pieces per week when necessary. This part is managed under our “readiness program”. For more information about this project, or how our manufacturing expertise can help your next project, please contact us today.