CNC Swiss Machining of a Fuel Injector Nozzle Blank for the Automotive Industry ImageIn business since 1971, Thuro Metal Products has applied tooling and processing techniques originally developed in the manufacturing of millions of High Pressure Tube Fittings for military aircraft, to benefit clients in the Automotive Industry. The experience gained in the production of Hydraulic Tube Fittings, which require absolutely no burrs, and fine finishes for metal to metal sealing surfaces in High volume production, provided the background and necessary expertise for Thuro Metal Products to produce quality component parts used in Automotive Fuel Injection applications. The nozzle blank pictured above, is used in fuel injection systems.

Because of performance requirements, we maintain dedicated equipment to supply this nozzle blank in addition to five other versions of this part. Using our CNC Swiss equipment, our expert technicians machine the part, which measures 0.546” in length with an O.D. of 0.434” – 0.437” from 440C stainless steel, to the exact shape, which is inspected to ensure proper dimension and gauge. The part also receives a 32 RMS machined finish, providing a very smooth surface without the need for a secondary deburring process. As specified by the customer, the internal bore requires a tolerance of ±0.00075 and the angular tolerances allowed are +/- 0.1°.

Prior to delivery to our client, who is located in the southeastern part of the United States, we perform final inspection and then package the part, ensuring that all 80,000 pieces shipped annually, arrive in perfect condition and meet the customer’s requirements.

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