Horizontal Milling of a Pump Housing for the Automotive Industry ImageAt Thuro Metal Products, our tenacity, combined with our aggressive adoption and implementation of the latest machine tool technologies, has formed the foundation for our success. Through the dynamic process of teamwork and sharing, this project enabled us to gain a strong foothold in the global market for critical, Automotive Hydraulic Components.

At the inception of this project, it was thought that a U.S.- based supplier would not have the capability to effectively supply this Radial Piston Pump Housing, which is a core component of the system used for the hydraulic actuation of cylinders used in automotive roof top and lift gate applications. This required us to initially pursue the opportunity to manufacture this component. A challenge from the start, the scope of this project required that a large volume of zero-defect parts be manufactured in an agile, highly cost sensitive environment with no room for waste. Extensive R&D was undertaken to select and develop the tooling, gauging and production equipment necessary. The development process included numerous on-site visits to European leaders in cutting tool technology, as well as significant investment in new equipment. We also devoted considerable man hours to the design and validation of tombstone fixturing to automate the horizontal milling process.

Fabricated from profile 6061-T6 aluminum alloys, the pump housing has dimensions of 31MM in length, 57MM in width, and 76MM in height. In addition to numerous intersecting ports, noteworthy features include a .8 Ra surface finish on the O-ring grooves and a total tolerance of 3 microns and a maximum surface roughness of .02 Ra for the 10 mm through bore. This project represents 18 months of work from concept to the initial PPAP run.

Our ability to meet this challenge enabled us to attain the status of being the first U.S.- based manufacturer to successfully machine to specification Pump Housings. We have initially tooled for the production of 90,000 units annually.

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