Multi-Spindle Automatic Turning of an Open Sleeve for the Aviation/Aerospace Industry ImageThuro Metal Products has a history of innovation in the manufacture of precision machined metal components. Our initial roots date back to the 1960’s, with Single Spindle Automatic Screw Machines. In the early 1970’s, the incorporation of Multiple Spindle Automatic Screw Machines gave Thuro high production capabilities. In 1978, with the incorporation of CNC machining into its manufacturing capabilities, Thuro gained the capability to effectively produce lower volume, higher complexity component parts. To this day, Thuro maintains and continues to develop it’s abilities to produce high volume parts on Automatic Screw Machines as well as lower volume, complex parts on Multi-Tasking CNC equipment. When selecting the right process to produce your part, we first consider your part specifications. Secondarily, we consider annual quantities, consistency and longevity of demand to determine the best approach. Due to the volume and longevity of demand for this Sleeve used in aircraft engine ignition systems, our engineers designed, developed, tested and refined the processes required to complete all operations required, except for the plating, on a Multiple Spindle Automatic Screw Machine. In order to do so, our engineers needed to incorporate innovative tool design and machining techniques to achieve the 32 RMS in the area of the logo/trademark. Our ability to innovate is made possible by our in- house tooling design and production capability.

The part features overall dimensions of 1.989” to 2.175” in length, an O.D. of 0.0780” (+0.003/-0.002”), which was machined from 12L14 steel with an O.D. of 08125”. This process was completed in a dedicated cell capable of machining 2,500 pieces daily. In the primary process we incorporated deburring and roll stamping operations to achieve a smoothness rating of 32 RMS in the area of the logo/trademark along with a ±.0018” total tolerance required for the pre-plate pitch diameter, followed by careful inspection for dimensional integrity. Each part receives a nickel- plated finish per ASTM B733-97 standards for metallic parts operating at elevated temperatures.

We maintain the capability to supply our client with 6 different versions of this Open Sleeve, as well as 5 versions of a sister part called the Closed Sleeve, with combined volume of 625,000 piece annually. To learn more about this project, or if you have a similar project you would like to discuss, contact us today.