Production Machining of a Brass Fitting for the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration (AHR) Industry ImageThuro Metal Products has been manufacturing Fittings and Adapters for the AHR Industry for over 25 years. This Coil Hose Adapter is used in Hydronic Balancing Systems. Thuro Metal Products supplies both small and high volume components and several different families of parts used in Institutional Heating and Cooling Systems.

This Brass Adapter has a flat sealing surface which must be smooth and free of sharp edges. Thuro also supplies this Adapter with a Cone Seat. We only use Domestic Thread Rolling quality brass for your brass requirements, which is essential because this fitting connects using two threads. One side has a ½-14 N.P.T. thread while the other is a ½-14 N.P.S.M. (National Pipe Straight Male) thread. Both threads are Thread Rolled. Thread rolling provides superior strength and finish which is especially critical as the N.P.T. thread must provide a water-tight seal. Our brass components are washed in a state-of- the-art cleaning system, which eliminates all chips and oil residue.

Now, since the market often requires the use of low lead and no lead brass, Thuro has developed and refined the machining of these low lead and no lead brasses, to help our customers develop and deliver safer systems which are in accordance with standard AB1953.