Production Machining of a Night Vision Component for the Defense Industry ImageThuro Metal Products is a long-term supplier of critical parts to the defense industry. We manufactured the aluminum ring shown here for a night vision application, and it presented many unique challenges, especially in post- machine processing.

This finely-threaded aluminum ring is slotted on both faces. Since the part is 3/32” thick, we built special fixturing to create the slots required on the back face, without compromising the integrity of the delicate threads. Our engineers also developed, tested, and implemented a proprietary post-machining cleaning and deburring process that eliminated all traces of residual grit to ensure 100% thread performance, which was critical to part reliability in the field. Finished according to 7.3.1 of MIL-STD-171 for maximum protection against corrosion, we packaged the components to protect them from environmentally- induced corrosion and other forms of degradation during shipping and storage.

Constructed from 1 5/8” aluminum rod stock, this part featured overall dimensions of 1 ½” in diameter and 3/32” in thickness. Through the use of systematically calibrated and certified testing equipment, we verified that we met or exceeded the ±.0035” tolerance requirement. Our highly precise and automated processes gave us the capacity to manufacture 4,000 units on a daily basis.

Those who protect us deserve expertly engineered and precision manufactured components that they can depend on in mission-critical situations. We are proud to be a valued member of the supply chain.