Production Precision Machining for the Oil Services Industry ImageThuro Metal Products’ exceptional quality and expedited turnaround times have enabled us to sustain long term partnerships with industry-leading companies in a diverse range of markets. Our continual investment in new manufacturing technologies enables us to produce the Charge Case shown here with extreme agility and efficiency.

As specialists in meeting the unique requirements of machining Stress Proof Steel, we invested into a highly automated manufacturing cell for the production of these Perforating Components used in the Oil and Gas Services Industries. Utilizing 1 9/16” bar stock and specially designed tooling, we are able to precision machine all the features of this 1.563” x 1.527” O.D. component from a single set up, which provides a high-throughput solution for fabricating 800 units on a daily basis with minimal operator intervention. The stability of the process enables us to maintain a critical web thickness of .009” (±.002”) with outstanding repeatability throughout each production run.

In addition to providing higher throughput of finished parts, this automated machining technology dramatically reduces the occurrence of processing errors, minimizes labor requirements, and optimizes material usage, all of which provide unsurpassed value in terms of delivery time from receipt of the order, quality parts and reduction in costs by eliminating non-value added handling. Please contact us today to learn more.