In 2013, in conjunction with our initial participation in Manufacturing Day, Thuro Metal Product began an Internship Program. The primary source of applicants and participants has been Farmingdale State College which is part of the SUNY System. We have also had participants from Suffolk County Community College, Hofstra University and Vaughn College of Aeronautics. We have had high school students participate. Recently, we have been working with Juniors and Seniors. It is not necessary that applicants be Engineering students. However, the program and activities seem to interest Engineering Students the most.

Our recruiting occurs in the fall with the aid of Farmingdale State's Nexus Center for Applied Learning & Career Development. This office links interested students to local firms offering internship positions. These are paid positions from day one. Thuro Metal Products is committed to doing its part in Work Force Development on Long Island. All interns who applied are interviewed. Those that meet the criteria are offered paid positions.

For the initial 12 weeks interns are expected to work primarily in the production process. Most often they start working in the Quality Assurance department. We believe that their time initially is best spent gaining experience in reading blueprints, using measuring equipment and familiarizing themselves with engineering standards.

Phase II begins in the Summer when the Interns work full-time for next 12 weeks. At this point it is expected that interns have a general understanding of our process. We are a Contract Manufacturer who fabricates precision components parts to our customers exact specifications. Once a basic understand of those requirements and competency in using the appropriate tools to verify if those requirements are being met, a variety of possibilities exist. This includes but is not limited to the following:Â running production equipment, setting up production equipment, being part of a product launch team, assisting with materials planning and procurement as well as supporting the sales team with estimates.

We would like to share feedback from two interns who started the program in 2021. Both Cassidy and Shawn have recently graduated from Farmingdale State. They are both starting Phase II. Here are their comments so far:

As a recent graduate with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering, I find that my internship at Thuro Metal Products is proving invaluable. Placed on a rotating schedule, I have worked in administration, machine set up and operation, inspection, and shipping. This has allowed me to better understand the manufacturing process from start to finish. All the Thuro employees have proven to be hardworking, knowledgeable, and patient teachers- something I am infinitely grateful for. The experience I have gained working with a company that caters to such a diverse clientele is irreplaceable and will prove beneficial in my career going forward.

My experience so far at Thuro metal products has been exceptional. It is a great opportunity, where you will acquire certain skills that you may not receive in the typical class room setting. As interns, every few weeks we are spread around the shop into a different aspect of work. Starting with inspection, in order to get familiarized with blue prints and all the necessary measuring equipment. I used manual lathes and moved onto the CNC turning equipment. Learning to operate, change tools, offsets, and now getting familiar with setting up a machine for an upcoming job. There is a lot to learn, but when it comes to the team at Thuro, everyone who works here is well rounded, helpful, and surprisingly very patient. To anyone that is looking for an internship in this particular field, do not pass up on the opportunity, hands on experience like this is priceless.


Shawn apprenticing in Thuro's precision bore finishing and grinding department. He is honing a fuel injection component which the day before he machined on a Mori-Seiki NL2500.

Cassidy checking tooling on a CNC Swiss machine. The part that she is making is a Collar made from 316 St. St. used in laboratory settings for Life Science applications.