CNC Milling and Turning of a Flange for the Aerospace Industry ImageAs a leader in the precision machining of metal components, Thuro Metal Products has gained a reputation for the manufacturing of high quality Component Parts and Assemblies for Aerospace applications. Using our broad range of CNC Milling and Turning capabilities, combined with the help of our local manufacturing extension, we developed a business system based upon lean principles we call the Thuro Rapid Response Capability, which reduced lead times by 80%.

We manufactured the flange pictured above for aircraft cabin lighting and air systems in accordance with a long-term supply contract that included 80 other products. This particular flange measures 11/16” long with a 2-5/8” diameter. A multi-tasking, CNC mill/turn center with live tooling was used to machine this 6061-T6 Aluminum Flange in one operation. Special care and gaging was necessary to attain the required tolerances of ±.0005” for the fit of a mating part along with a 32 micro inch finish. Because of stringent cosmetic requirements for this flange, it was necessary to deburr and apply a special material finish that we polished and then sealed with nickel acetate.

Our Thuro Rapid Response Capability reduced the time it took us to begin machining an order from an average of 18 days to 3 days. The result was that on-time deliveries improved from 76% to 99%. The delivery improvement was achieved by the elimination of queue and wait times from the point of order to the time of shipment. This has helped our customer significantly grow their share of the market. For more information about this product or any of our fabrication services, please contact us.