CNC Swiss Machining of a Fitting for the Pharmaceutical Industry ImageThuro Metal Products utilizes innovative manufacturing technologies to fabricate precision components that meet the stringent laboratory test standards of the pharmaceutical industry. We machined the fitting shown here for use in long duration, small animal drug studies, where the outcome depends on the accurate and reliable dispensing of water and nutrition to the costly, genetically identical specimens used in pharmaceutical testing.

Our automated CNC Swiss machining centers are capable of accurate and repeatable production of complex parts using simultaneous multi-axis operations. We used them to fabricate this component, which featured dimensions of 1.100” in length and Ø 0.359”, from 360 brass. Machined to a 64 RMS finish, we maintained tolerances of ± 0.003” on the length, +0.0°/-0.5° angular, and precision ± 0.0005” on all other dimensions.

We executed a special deburring step and a controlled cleaning process to meet the aesthetic requirements necessary to deliver a part that was absolutely free of any residue. Every step of the process, from material selection to production and final inspection, was carefully controlled and supervised to ensure the integrity of the product for its reliable use in these vital experiments.

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