Production Machining of a Flash Suppressor for the Defense Industry ImageFrom concept through design, component analysis, material selection, and quality control, Thuro Metal Products, Inc. has in-depth experience manufacturing critical parts that meet the stringent requirements of the military. One hundred percent reliability is essential for any component used in a combat situation, and successful completion of this project was prefaced by four months of preparation to develop and validate the tooling, machining strategies, and post-machining processes for this firearm component.

Specifications for this flash suppressor required the use of 4140 alloy steel, which is easily machined with tight tolerances, but requires heat treating to attain the high strength properties for this application. We expended significant resources developing and validating the mass finishing process necessary to produce a clean part, free of burrs, especially in the area of the 5 slots. Extra care was also required to preserve the integrity of the delicate internal threads. Finished with a heavy phosphate manganese coating, the components were packaged according to MIL-STD-2073-1D, and shipped to the customer accompanied by numerous process documentation and quality test reports.

Over the past 40 years, Thuro Metal Products has provided millions of component parts to the U.S. military, ranging from high pressure fittings for use in military aircraft to various types of ordnance. Our longevity is testament to our high quality products and outstanding level of service. More details about this specific project can be found below, and we would welcome an opportunity to discuss your next project. Contact us today.